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One of the ways we like to connect with the nonprofit community is through seminars that touch on technology for nonprofits. These usually fairly short events are focused on helping nonprofits better understand the technology available to them and how to best use it. Topics in the past have included how to effectively use your website, how to put together an email marketing campaign and how nonprofits can utilize social media better.

Our next seminars will be coming up soon. So stay tuned!

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Make-Your-Own-Website For Nonprofits Class

We have recently expanded our offerings to include an 8-week class that will walk smaller nonprofits through the process of building a new website and how to maintain it. We know that having an effective website that looks appealing and holds quality content can be of immense impact for a nonprofit. This is an experiment, but we hope to continue offering this course again into the future.

Unfortunately, our first class is full at this point in time. However, stay updated because we do plan to do this again.

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